Which WTF Comic character are you?

GU Comics
8-Bit Theatre
PVP Online
Angst Technology
Penny Arcade
Miss Mab
Reflex EQ Comic
VG Cats
Living with Zombies


1. Pick one word to describe yourself.


2. When on a shopping trip in the bazaar, you would most likely:

Ask "Does it come in black and white"?
Be bored selling stuff
NOT be the one carrying the bags around
Looking for suitable "investment opportunities"
Why shop when there are so many other interesting methods of acquiring trinkets!
Buy everything!
The bazaar will come to me if it knows what's good for it...
Acquire a new sword or two
Quickly dump all the change I've been accumulating
Get lost 
Corner the picnic basket market

3. Your drink of choice is:

Crow's Special Brew
Just one drink?
A tall gnomish stout
Fresh mountain springwater!!!
200 year old scotch
201 year old scotch drunk from the skulls of my enemies
Vasarian Brandy
Tea? maybe?
Whatever is on hand

4. In a fight against impossible odds, I would most likely:

let someone take a few hits, then make with the slows
wade in and start breaking things
Fight to the edge of my resources, and then beyond...
Try to blow stuff up
Everybody was kung fu fightin!
Kill everything. Then kill everything's' friends and families. And some random people too just to be sure.
Shoot my bow and hope for the best
Root them all
Slip away until the odds became more possible...
Someone wants to hurt my pandas???? DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. My favorite colors are:

Red and tan
Brown and green
Blue and Black
Brown and Blue
Light tan and Dark Brown
Black and White
Just plain black
brown, yellow, or black
Green and Grey
Black and Blood Red

6. When asked to save the world from the forces of evil, I would most likely:

Be happy to provide equipment in quantity for someone else to do the job
go find a box
agree, then go pilfer the treasury of the forces of good and join the other side
Disguise myself as a necro, then go cause disasters on the other side 
Take lots of food with me
Reluctantly go do so.
Go help Straha
Laugh Manically. No really, that's a good one!
Fill the ranks of good with droods, then watch the carnage!
Lead a massed ranger charge against the hoards of the abyss!
Go guerilla warfare on them bad guys and their evil panda hating ways

7. My friends think I'm:

Quiet about my past
A bit loony
Who needs friends. Enemies are much more interesting
a footstool
good at "finding" lost items
A shopaholic
Accident Prone
Slightly aloof

8. Your ideal job would involve:

Wildlife conservation
Working with plants
a career in enforcement...
Food Critic
Packing material
something where colored index cards would come in handy
Empress sounds nice...
World domination
Following orders
Kicking ass, and taking names

9. When confronted with a logic problem, you:

Calmly solve it through the use of covert corrugated container technology
Ask for help
Try to scamzore your way out of it
Get lost
Think it through for a while, then smash it with a sharp pointy object
Logic is overrated!
Work it out in excruciating detail
drink about it for a while, then come up with a solution
Are surprisingly good with logic puzzles
Bash the crap out of it, unless it is something important
Have whoever created the problem tortured until they spill the answer, then kill them anyways

10. Where would your ideal vacation spot be?

The underside of Qeynos
North Karanas
My newly conquered territory
Surefall glade is lovely this time of year
Here and there, wherever the adventure is
Luclin, freeport, it's all the same

11. Are you good, evil or neutral?

The Good
The Bad
And The Neutral 

12. Are you a leader or a follower?

Get out of the way Noob!

13. Would you rather go wade in and beat something up, or blast it out of existence from a distance?

I dunno, there is something to be said for getting a nice workout from cleaving your foe in twain...
All that waveing of pointy objects about! Hardly the work of a civilized being. Bring on teh Noise!
Nuke! Nuke! Nuke! Nuke!

14. How far would you go for a cookie?

For a Cookie? All the way!
It's not a cookie, it's fruit and cake.
I like Pie!

15. Why a duck? 

WTF kind of question is that?
Er, Because?
Because I really dislike the taste of plankton?


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