WTF Commissioned Artwork, Guidelines:

    Artistic service is done at a rate of $25 per hour, for this the payee receives a gift of a the original pencil and ink work signed and mailed to them along with a cd of all files associated with the piece. This normally includes the actual final commission piece, a larger version of the character on black, white and transparent gif backgrounds, original layered photoshop files and a free WTF Trading Card of that character with a quote of your choice. Immediately usable files, such as .jpgs and .gifs for signature files and such will of course be emailed upon completion. Most pieces will require 3 to 4 hours work time minimum except extremely small and uncomplicated images or exceedingly large and complicated images with multiple characters.

     Also, please take into consideration commissions are done after strip work and such and other work takes priority over commissions. I get to them as I can and until you pay it's my time and I do it as I can, this is why I do not accept payment until I'm ready to begin final work and when I do I try to finish the work as soon as possible. There's generally a backlog of people waiting for commissions and to avoid burnout and hand cramps I go slowly on them so the strip for everyone does not suffer because I'm busy /  tired from working on something for just one person. I also don't take kindly to being pestered or yelled at because I'm not going fast enough to suit you, as I said until you pay it's my time and I don't request payment until I'm ready to finish the work in a timely fashion, before that point berating me for not catering to you fast enough is most likely going to just make me either A: Go slower for spite, or B: Cancel your commission entirely. After I request payment I consider myself on the clock and try to finish as quickly as possible.



   To see about getting a piece done send an email to:

Please include; Screenshots (well lit preferably showing weapons or items) in a proper file format or if possible zipped, .bmp images are unacceptable (EQ Screenshots are automatically taken as .bmp images so you need to change this), as complete a description of what you want as you can supply, and complete the form below this article. Based on this information a design sketch will be produced and sent to you for approval along with the time it will take to do. If the sketch is satisfactory a request for payment via paypal will be sent for the quoted hours, upon payment finish work will begin on your commission and it will be emailed for your final approval as soon as it is complete. Once you approve of the final full color finished version of the work any files you request will be emailed to you and the original physical artwork will be mailed to an address you provide along with a CD of all the files for your backup. Please note, original physical artwork is not colored, shaded or have any text, all that is applied on the computer. The original piece will be a signed blue pencil and ink drawing on Bristol board. Upon payment for the work you gain all copyright for the work except you may not take credit for itsí creation, and I retain the right to display the work as a non profit example.


COMMISSION REQUEST FORM- Please fill out all that apply and send in your mail.



            **PLEASE NOTE**

If you are requesting multiple commissions please fill out an additional questionnaire for each commission.


Character Name:




Character Eye Color:

Character Hair Color:                         (Hair Style and other details if not as pictured in Screenshot)

Additional Character Features:          (Tattoos, jewelry, clothing not possible in EQ ala Straha's Trenchcoat, etc, etc, etc)

Trading Card Quote:                           (Short phrase to go on your free Character Trading card)



Include a brief description on how you would like your character to be posed (Please include facial expressions, how the body is positioned etc.) 


Include a description of desired background or color scheme if applicable. (Screenshots are usefull if you want an ingame location)


Include Font style and color preference for text if applicable (i.e. Big blocky letters, Fancy Calligraphy, etc, etc, etc)





[   ]   Personal Signature:             What text would you like included, name, class, server, etc and how you want the text oriented

 What dimensions?                              (example 200 pixels high 500 pixels wide, is the widely held standard)




[   ] Magelo Background:               What would you like included in print, name, class, server, etc and if you want the image to fit around / work with a standard Magelo foreground as much as possible or not.

 All Magelo Backgrounds are 800x600 pixels.



[   ] Other:                                                                   Please specify. 

                                                              (As an example Cafepress, the site where the WTF store is, allows you to apply an image to and order an item so your image could be built around a product template)