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Smoke strips 15, 16 & 17 (revised) up, A few things about these as I've said before I've been revising these especially lately with Illustrator to meet certain standards of artwork. If this were the only revision I probably would have just let it go and continued on from what's done but I also wanted to change certain story elements and to adjust the pacing to make a better comic that I could potentially do something with in the future. I always want to redo old stuff but I understand a lot of people like seeing the progression, the Dajin's Tale strips weren't so far along for this to be as much of an issue though so before they get too far I'd like to go ahead and do it, I'll probably redo the ones before 15 as well over time but that will be occassionally, bit by bit on my own time until they're all done. New strips will just be put up on the site as they get done, i.e. 18, 19 & 20 which have finished lineart will be up before too long after the next EQ strip update or two.

These strips will be a little less self contained on a strip by strip basis like the EQ comics, this makes it so I don't have to plot out each comic to try to have some kind of punchline or be able to stand on its own as much, instead stretching things like exposition out over the course of a few pages like a regular comic book so please keep that in mind. I'll try to release them in a way that it's not as noticable as much as possible. The artwork was worth redoing as well because the other side of this approach is using higher quality artwork to present the world of the story in a more fleshed out way as a backdrop giving more space for the writing to play out on. Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy.


Well it took awhile but the original Smoke comics have their own page and index now and updates will be released here from now on once per month, last months updates weren't released since I wanted to get this done first so the current strips are 5 & 6 as you can see. There probably won't be too many news releases here on this page, I'm not too chatty when it comes to news in the first place and I don't see too much reason to spread them across two different index pages so the only news here will be things that directly relate to this strip only. Eventually I'll try to put up a bonus section for this page as well with little extras like a map of the world the strip takes place in, bios on the characters, etc, etc, for now it's just bare bones but it's better than just direct links from the normal page I think. Finally just as another reminder, please remember it's best to consider this strip and the normal EQ strip mutally exclusive, speculation about one strip based on things in another is discouraged and generally just a headache all around, while they share some characters this is an original work and distant from the EQ strip. The positive is that since this strip is original it is not hampered by any copyright problems like the EQ strip is and thus can be printed and sold in hard copy comic book form, should the interest warrant printing it, we'll see how it goes. Like the EQ strip this one will be divided into regular chapters with covers and such so printing them in that form will be easy enough.

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